Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ever wish you had a friend in employment law? I am now offering transparent, flat-free employment law counseling

In my practice, I meet two types of clients: the ones who reach out to an employment attorney before they face litigation or administrative claims, and the ones who didn't. Both types of client, for the record, are a pleasure to work with - however, it is always easier (and less expensive) to try and prevent a lawsuit than it is to resolve a dispute once a problem employee has filed a complaint.

In response to concerns about unpredictable legal costs, a huge factor for employers deciding whether to pick up the phone and call an attorney for employment advice, I started to seek out alternative billing models to better meet my clients' needs. I regularly read law practice management blogs and journals, and have long admired the pioneering work that The Beale Firm, from Knoxville, Tennessee, has done for their employer and employment law clients. After working to set up a similar model here in Santa Barbara, Ventura and San Luis Obispo Counties, I am excited to launch the Central Coast's first fixed-fee employment counseling services to businesses and nonprofits.

Whether you have one employee or 1,000, employment decisions have a lasting impact on your business and your bottom line. To help our clients manage risk and manage legal costs, we have developed a special fee structure for business and non-profit clients that enables you to access legal advice throughout the year. If you have ever wished you could call your attorney but still have control over your budget for legal and consulting costs, this plan is for you!

At Hardin & Coffin, we understand that having an attorney on hand to answer questions about hiring, employment contracts, wrongful termination, discrimination claims, FEHA and ADA accommodations, retaliation, defamation, wage and hour issues or any aspect of an employee’s relationship with your business or nonprofit is a vital part of your growth as an organization. Whether you are big enough to have in-house counsel or a dedicated human resources department, or small enough that hiring a part-timer will double the size of your workforce, having a friend in the employment law field is invaluable when it comes to employment decision making.

I currently offer two annual fee plans, both offering significant savings over my usual hourly rates:

• $5,000 – 25 hours of prepaid employment advice.

• $2,500 – 10 hours of prepaid employment advice

 WEV graduates, NAWBO and Santa Barbara, Ventura and Santa Maria Contractor’s Association members save an additional 5%! If you belong to an organization or a professional association that doesn't currently receive a discount, get in touch and we will work with you and your group to offer a similar rate.

Once you sign up, each month you will receive a statement detailing the services you have received and the amount of time you have remaining in your package. If you face litigation or administrative hearings, my firm will work with you to set up an alternative billing structure to cover the additional time requirements.

In addition to our flat rate legal consultation packages, I also offer services billed on a traditional hourly rate. Let our employment attorneys help you with:
 • Hiring and Firing
 • Employee Handbooks
 • Employment Contracts
 • Wrongful Termination
 • Discrimination
 • FEHA and ADA Accommodations
 • Discrimination Claims
 • Sexual harassment
 • Hostile work environment claims
 • Retaliation
 • Defamation
 • Overtime claims

Want to know more about our employment law services? I offer free thirty-minute consultations, and am always happy to meet with employers to discuss your employment attorney needs.

 DISCLAIMER: This is an advertisement for legal services, provided by an attorney licensed by the State Bar of California. Nothing herein is intended to guarantee or represent a certain outcome to your case, and every matter is different. No attorney-client relationship is formed or intended to be formed by your use of this information, and nothing herein is legal advice, which should always be obtained directly from an attorney familiar with your legal situation.

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