Monday, March 12, 2012

Union Bank to buy Pacific Capital Bancorp - what will this mean for Santa Barbara employees?

Another Monday morning scoop from Pacific Coast Business Times, and this one has mixed messages for the Santa Barbara County economy:

According to PCBT, eighteen months after buying Pacific Capital Bancorp, Santa Barbara Bank & Trust's parent company, Dallas-based Ford Financial Fund is selling the local banking group to Union Bank's parent for an estimated $1.5 billion.

The deal will likely cause a further shake-up at Santa Barbara Bank & Trust, which has laid off at least 300 employees and had 963 employees in 2010.

UPDATE: more great reporting from PCBT has revealed that Santa Barbara Bank & Trust will be renamed and re-branded as part of the Union Bank group. My guess is that this will provide a big boost to Montecito Bank & Trust, now one of the only local banking groups on the central coast.

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